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PACE Membership

The Community Council supports Powys Action on Climate Emergency. Kerry Community Council have a dedicated Biodiversity Officer who is the representative of the Community Council on this group and attends on their behalf to contribute ideas and feedback initiatives underway. 

The latest Minutes can be read here. 

For further information please contact the Clerk. 

Section 6 Biodiversity Duty Reporting
Public authorities are required to produce a report on what they have done to comply with the section 6 duty. The first reporting round deadline was the end of 2019, the second reporting round deadline is the end of 2022.

Please see https://www.biodiversitywales.org.uk/Biodiversity-Duty-Reporting for more information. 

Our Kerry Community Council - Environment (Wales) Act 2016, Part 1 Section 6 - Second Reporting Round (Dec 2022) can be downloaded here.

Kerry Community Council have agreed a Climate Emergency Action Plan which aims to take a positive and pragmatic approach to making a contribution in this regard.

The latest Climate Change Newsletter from the Welsh Government is available here.