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Welcome to Kerry Community Council.

Serving the villages of Kerry, Sarn & Dolfor.

Cyngor Cymuned CERI

 KERRY Community Council


   Ms. Sarah Farr, Caridwen, Kerry,

               Newtown, Powys SY16 4NP.

Phone: 01686 670744


Email: clerk@kerrycommunitycouncil.gov.uk


*** Website Updates & New Articles ***


17/02/21 Vacancy for a new Councillor, Dolfor Ward (see new announcements)


21/01/21 Tenders invited for Caretaker/Cleaner Kerry Public Toilets (see below).


19/01/21 New Clerk in office. (see details above).


04/12/2020. Update on the Kerry Butterfly Garden. See the section on the garden here


 09/10/2020 KCC Grant Funding application details and Garreg Llwyd Hill Wind Farm Community Funding application details. See New Announcements


 2/10/2020:  The results from the Public Consultation for Kerry Public Toilets are now in - see the conclusions and download the results document from the New Announcements section here 


 30/09/2020: Unfortunately the Special Notice (see below) is reinforced for the September meeting and the foreseeable future.


23/08/2020: Kerry Walking Treasure Hunt is now published - see the Walks & Footpaths section here 


21/08/20. Public Notice to view Audit Accounts year end March   2020.See New Announcements section for full details





The monthly meetings of Kerry Community Council scheduled for the forthcoming months

will now be conducted under social distancing measures.

KCC will give 7 days’ notice of issues under discussion during this period to allow public comment prior to the scheduled meeting dates.

In order to maintain social distancing regulations, anyone wishing to make comment please contact the Clerk as above.

To keep you informed and to maintain a sense of normality, minutes will be posted at the end of each month.

Copies of Minutes can be viewed on KCC notice boards, on our web-site, kerrycommunitycouncil.gov.uk

and our Facebook page.

There are some community groups that have been set up by local volunteers who are doing a great job helping where they can. 

Those we know of are listed here:

Kerry:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/519540322273530/       

Tel:  0044 7311395422   (Please be aware this phone line will only be manned between the hours of 10 and 6 and is meant for Kerry and Dolfor residents only!)

 If you are struggling with self isolation, or just need a chat give our local Rev. Jeanette Wilkes a call on 01686 671266

Sarn: https://www.facebook.com/groups/210800032642137/ 

Dolfor: Y.F.C. Community Support

Tel 07951816363 or 07456875374

                   Public transport reduced because of Corona Virus and the latest Corona Virus guidance can be found under new announcements

Kerry Community Council invites tenders for a Caretaker/Cleaner for Kerry Public Toilets

The period of the contract is 12 months to run from 1st May 2021 until 30th April 2022
1. Duties:
a) To be the key-holder and therefore to be available, in an emergency, to provide access to the premises at all times.
b) To maintain and clean the premises and sanitary ware as per cleaning Schedule A (Copy available from the KCC Clerk.)
c) To provide continuation of service by appointing adequate staffing levels to cover sickness and holiday periods.
d) To ensure the safe-keeping and storage, under lock and key, of all hazardous cleaning materials and sanitary consumable items.
e) To submit receipts to the Clerk for all authorised purchases of cleaning materials and sanitary consumable items. Reimbursement will be made monthly following the next scheduled KCC meeting.
f) Kerry Community Council is responsible for the provision of all non-consumable items and service charges.
g) The Caretaker/Cleaner is required to notify KCC immediately, via the Clerk, of any damage caused or maintenance required at the site.
Kerry Community Council reserves the right to negotiate amendments to the Contract. In addition to the duties set out above, you could be required to undertake additional or other duties connected with the public conveniences.
Any enquiries and quotes should be submitted to the Clerk at the above address
Closing date 12 noon Monday 15th March 2021


An introduction by the past and present Chairmen

 Kerry Community Council is one of the largest in Powys, having over 1600 electors, (increasing with the latest residential developments across the area), and covering the villages of Kerry, Dolfor and Sarn. Although farming is an important part of the local economy, the council represents a very varied community with many residents traveling considerable distances to their place of work.

Kerry is a very ancient settlement and its Norman church dates back to 1176.

Nevertheless it is a thriving village, with its local primary school, Baptist chapel, hairdresser, shop and post office, village hall and two public houses.

There are many local organisations across all three villages, such as the Womens’ Institute, bowling and football clubs, to mention but three. Kerry has its own monthly newspaper, “The Kerry News”, with a circulation of 550. (Copies are available from the village shop).

Sarn issues monthly newsletters, which can be accessed directly from this web site.

The villages also host many events throughout the year, including an Eisteddfod, Craft Fayre, Fun Day, Annual Summer Shows, and the recently inaugurated Kerry Beer Festival.

The council comprises two members from Dolfor, three from Sarn and eight from Kerry. It meets at 7.30 on the last Wednesday of the month. The venue alternates between the village halls of the three villages. Agendas and minutes of meetings are posted in each village and also on this website. Members of the public are always welcome to attend the meetings.

The council’s responsibilities are varied and include advising the planning authority, Powys County Council, on applications from the three communities. It also owns the listed, early nineteenth Century Dolforgan Carriage Bridge, Kerry Cemetery, and several recreational facilities and children’s’ playgrounds. Each year it distributes over £6000 of council tax payers’ money to local organisations, including the three village halls within its area.

It has been a pleasure to write this short introduction to Kerry Community Council and I know that other parts of the website will add further information about this part of Wales. Local readers who will know that it is a wonderful place to live, but if you are not familiar with our area I urge you to pay us a visit; I am certain that you will not be disappointed.

Cllr. Mike Morgan – Chairman 2016-2019

original words by Cllr. David Hughes – Chairman 2012-2015


A light hearted introduction to your Council By the Clerk

This is a new era for Kerry Community Council as we step a little nervously into the wonderful world of the World Wide Web. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as the Clerk to your Community Council, who is also taking a rather nervous step long side you.

I became your Clerk in May 2012. And never having worked as a Clerk before and I can tell you now I wasn’t sure that I was fit for purpose! Can’t spell for toffee!! Thank you spell check.

It was a steep learning curve and was I off to a flying start by turning up late to my first Council meeting because I had spent the last half hour sitting outside the wrong Village Hall. I was up and running (with palpitations )  leaving behind me a trail of typing errors and 13 Councillors who were being ever so polite and patient with me. I would like to thank all members of Kerry Community Council for their support, patience and the ability to keep a straight face as I attempted to look as though I knew what I was doing. I tried to smile intelligently when they spoke of Welsh place names which I couldn’t even pronounce never mind spell. I was still trying to remember every body’s name and they are asking me to write posh letters to people I didn’t know, about issues I didn’t understand and at addresses  I couldn’t pronounce.

So what have I learnt about Kerry Community Councillors?

  • “So is it jobs for the boys”? Yes, because no one else will do it. Jobs for the boys it maybe but done at “Mates Rates” or more likely free of charge.
  • “Only in it for what they can get”? Possibly, but what they do get is to be at the end of the phone when you have a problem, to realise they will never please all of you and therefore will make themselves unpopular at times.
  • “Someone should do something about that”? Your Councillors are that “someone”. They walk round the village with plastic bags in their pockets to clear up dog dirt. They go home and get the tools to fix the nails hanging out of the fence in the children’s playground. They spend a week-end planting blossoms trees in the cemetery extension. They spend their evenings reading safety reports about the playground equipment, the state of the trees, the cemetery. They report the pot holes in the road, the blocked drains; they fight for the best flood defences for the village.
  • “Yeah, but what about those planning applications”?  Contrary to popular belief your Councillors are not able to grant planning permission. What they are able to do, is to pass on their local knowledge to the planning officers at Powys County Council. There is many a time a Councillor will take time out from a busy day to visit the site of an application simply so they can give an informed view to the planning officer. There is real concern that they give a fair and responsible response. Kerry, Sarn and Dolfor are not retirement villages but vibrant, working communities struggling to maintain the surrounding natural beauty and at the same time insuring that it is possible for the next generation to earn a living in their home village.
  • “And the Wind Farms”? Kerry Community Council  spent a vast amount of time and effort representing your views at the Public Inquiry. Councillors regularly attended Inquiry meetings; they submitted your views in their own time and at their own expense. They knew they were your views because they asked every single one of you how you felt. I can promise you that every single comment made in the questionnaire was read and noted. No other local Community Council took greater steps then Kerry to allow you to voice your opinions.
  • “Pride in their Community”? Your Council is a cross section of people. There are those who have lived locally for many generations and others who have recognised the beauty of the area and have chosen to move here. They represent all walks of life but the one common principle they hold is an appreciation and a drive to preserve the Community as a whole.
  • “The Pay”? Zero. An Op-out option is available on the annual mandatory £150 expenses payment  For the financial year end 2018/19 not one of your Councilors claimed the mandatory £150 payment. Travel expenses are claimed as at times Councillors make multiple trips to Llandrindod Wells as elected representatives of  KCC
  • “So why do it”? A sense of achievement; of being able to make a difference and the chance to be a part of group of people who at least once a month come together and just enjoy and take pleasure in what they do. Looking back in the attendance book which starts in 1910, I note that Cllr. Hywel Jones (Sarn) who sadly passed away last December had been serving your Council for 27 years and during that period had only missed 3 meetings. Further down the page I find another Councillor who first took office in 1974 and is still going strong. There is young blood too, the younger generation taking an active role in the future of their village. 
 We are lovingly looked over and supported by your County Councillor, Mrs Kath Roberts-Jones.

Don’t take my word for it. Kerry Community Council invites you to attend their meetings, so why not come along and see for yourself?

I hope you enjoy and use of this Web-site which is financed by Kerry Community Council. Please feel free to submit to Council listings of any forth coming events or snippets of news you feel would be of interest to us all. Simply email me at clerk@kerrycommunitycouncil.gov.uk


Bye for now,
Now where is my dictionary?
Not even spell check knows what I’m talking about now!!!