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Kerry Walk 1

Kerry - Penarran Wood - Lower Cwmydalfa - Brynllywarch - Kerry

 **** Important Update:  The section of  footpath at the start of this walk, that goes through Gilfach Wood, is subject to potential closure for Forestry Clearance. At this time (Feb 2020) we are advised that closure will likely take place starting around September 2020, so for now, we believe this walk is open for Summer 2020 *****

 A moderate two hour walk of approximately four miles including some fairly steep inclines. We would recommend walking or hiking boots.

Walkers will enjoy wide ranging views over the village of Kerry/Ceri and the surrounding hillsides. This is a diverse walk including a short climb through ancient woodland, descending via a disused quarry, through farmland and quiet country lanes.



 Download these instructions as a PDF file from here