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New Announcements

This page is designed to be updated regularly with any new announcements that KCC believe are of interest or importance to the Community.  It will, we hope, reflect corresponding announcements made by the Kerry-Dolfor-Sarn Facebook group, which means that anyone not subscribed to the group, or to Facebook itself, will not be 'left behind'. 

5/7/2020: Update on Re-Opening of Kerry Public Toilets 

Now that the Covid-19 related lockdown is starting to be eased, it is important that the Public Toilets, which are a valuable service to both the community and its visitors are re-opened.

Kerry Community Council are being guided by Powys Council and the Welsh Government regarding the steps that we should take in order to best safeguard the toilets, both for its users, as well as for their cleaners.

We have placed orders for appropriate social distancing signage as well as a Hand Santizer unit that will be placed externally on the toilet wall for public use. These should arrive during the next week, and we need to have these installed and operating before we re-open the toilets.

We have been instructed to ask that, until further notice, the toilets are used on a one-in/one-out basis, and ensure that the cleaning regime occurs twice a day and uses cleaning materials that act against viruses as well as bacteria. These requirements will be in place once the toilets are re-opened. We hope this should happen within the next two weeks, but are reliant on delivery of the items that we have ordered.

KCC sincerely regrets having to have closed the toilets over the last three months – but we are sure everyone understands the reason why.

As always, once open, please treat them gently – just as you would your own toilet at home. And leave them in a state that the next user will appreciate as much as possible. The same applies to the Hand Sanitizer unit once it is installed.

17/6/2020:  Update from The Kerry News 

Submitted by Kate ap Iago 

Unfortunately weren't able to get an April edition out - things escalated very quickly with regards to the coronavirus situation, and collating and distributing it didn't seem to be safe option for us at the time.

Over the weeks though, we came up with a way that we could continue to produce the Kerry News safely. It meant less pages, and less copies. As always, written and printed at the home of Kate and Chris but normally collated by a team of people in the village.

Obviously collating as a team was’t an option for us at the moment - so Chris and I decided to collate them at home between the two of us, which is why there wasn’t as many copies or pages (as it would take us days!)

The May and June editions also didn’t include photo pages, as these are produced by a firm in Newtown. But now that restrictions have eased slightly, we will be putting photo pages in again, and The July edition, which is due out on 3rd July, will be in colour.

 Covid-19 Guidance

The Welsh Government is issuing weekly bulletins on the coronavirus (COVID-19) which you may find useful.  Please consider signing up to the bulletin so that you can be sure to receive these on a weekly basis. For information, I have attached the bulletin from 24 April.

If you would like to receive the coronavirus bulletin please sign up here.

Or email cabinetcommunications@gov.wales

You may also be interested to hear that there is now a single place on the Public Health Wales website where all the Easy Read versions of COVID-19 guidance are available.

The link to this site is https://phw.nhs.wales/topics/latest-information-on-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-resources/easy-read-resources/.

Both English and Welsh versions of the Easy Read are available at this link.