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New Announcements

This page is designed to be updated regularly with any new announcements that KCC believe are of interest or importance to the Community.  It will, we hope, reflect corresponding announcements made by the Kerry-Dolfor-Sarn Facebook group, which means that anyone not subscribed to the group, or to Facebook itself, will not be 'left behind'. 

An Update on Kerry Toilets

The toilets in Kerry provide a very valuable public facility – appreciated by locals and tourists alike. (In 2015, a footfall counter registered 70 visits per day of people using the facilities – they continue to be well used). Over the years Kerry Community Council has received many appreciative emails and comments on their cleanliness, and the fact that they are open 24/7. It’s thanks to both the good residents of Kerry, and the tireless work of our caretaker, Fred Friel and his wife Gill, for keeping them in a good state.

What you may not know is that, in 2015, Powys Council decided that they could no longer support the ongoing operation of the toilets, and they proposed to close them, unless the Community Council stepped in to take them over, under a licence agreement.

Kerry Community Council is committed to ensuring that the toilets remain part of community life and a (sometimes vital!) asset to Kerry. So take them over, we did.

The original toilets were built in the 1970’s. So they are about 50 years old. Whilst we can do what we can to keep them clean and tidy (and working), they are starting to ‘look their age’. There is work needed on the roof, the internal cubicles are on their last legs, and the sanitary ware is definitely of last centuries’ vintage.

Because of this, the Community Council has concluded that the best way forward is to apply for grant funding to help us to bring the facilities into the 2020’s. We can, if necessary, make do and mend without that funding, but our preferred route would be to make significant and lasting upgrades, so long as that funding can be obtained. Hot water would be a great start. They really should have disabled access. There would ideally be baby changing facilities. It would be nice to minimise water and electricity consumption through modern technologies. And so on…...

Applying for grant funding, of an amount that would make a real difference, is only really possible if we actually owned the freehold to the property, rather than running it under the current licence. Therefore the first step towards the future for Kerry’s toilets is to purchase the freehold from Powys Council, under a process called a Capital Asset Transfer. In reality, this purchase is for the grand sum of £1, and it means that we, as KCC, will own the toilets. We can then manage them without any constraint applied by Powys Council, other than the covenant on the title deeds that ensures that they continue to be used as a public toilet for the next 80 years – thereby guaranteeing their future use as toilets.

This purchase is currently ongoing, and should conclude within the next few weeks. At this point we will then need to start making decisions about what type and scale of funding we apply for, based on the extent of upgrade we plan to make.

This is where the community comes in. At the appropriate time, we will need your input to help prioritise the changes we make. Hopefully in the next few months. In the meantime, do please have a think about what you would like to see happen, so that you are ready to contribute when we get going on the next stage. And if you do have any immediate comments, please respond back to Angela Feltham, the Council clerk.


Cyngor Cymuned CERI / KERRY Community Council

Clerk: Mrs. Angela Feltham, Bryn Gethin, Tregynon,

Newtown, Powys.SY16 3PJ.

Phone: 01686 650747

email. clerk@kerrycommunitycouncil.gov.uk


Kerry Community Council invites tenders for


A Caretaker/Cleaner for Kerry Public Toilets

The period of the contract is 12 months to run from 1st May 2020 until 30th April 2021

  1. Duties:

  1. To be the key-holder and therefore to be available, in an emergency, to provide access to the premises at all times .

  1. To maintain and clean the premises and sanitary ware as per cleaning Schedule A. (Copy available from Mrs A Feltham, the KCC Clerk.)

  1. To provide continuation of service by appointing adequate staffing levels to cover sickness and holiday periods.

  1. To ensure the safe-keeping and storage, under lock and key, of all hazardous cleaning materials and sanitary consumable items.

  2. To submit receipts to the Clerk for all authorised purchases of cleaning materials and sanitary consumable items . Reimbursement will be made monthly following the next scheduled KCC meeting.

  1. Kerry Community Council is responsible for the provision of all non-consumable items and service charges.

  2. The Caretaker/Cleaner is required to notify KCC immediately, via the Clerk, of any damage caused or maintenance required at the site.

Kerry Community Council reserves the right to negotiate amendments to the Contract. In addition to the duties set out above, you could be required to undertake additional or other duties connected with the public conveniences.

Any enquiries and quotes should be submitted to the Clerk at the above address

Closing date 12 noon Monday 13th March 2020



New Funding Opportunities for Charities


Content of email just received from Russell George AM office, which may be of interest to any local charities and similar organisations looking for a 'leg up'.  Apologies for the short notice - note that funding closure is 4th February - so less than a week to act on this!!!


"I am writing to let you know that three grant-giving trusts, funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, will open for funding applications from good causes between 21st January and 4th February 2020.


The trusts are:

  • People’s Postcode Trust, for projects aimed at promoting human rights, combating discrimination and the prevention of poverty. More information: www.postcodetrust.org.uk
  • Postcode Community Trust, for initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of communities – including arts and physical recreation projects – as well as those with a focus on reducing isolation. More information: www.postcodecommunitytrust.org.uk
  • Postcode Local Trust, for groups dedicated to improving and increasing access to outdoor space. Groups working on flood prevention measures and looking to implement renewable energy strategies are also eligible to apply. More information: www.postcodelocaltrust.org.uk

Registered charities can apply for between £500 and £20,000 while the limit for not-for-profit organisations without charitable status is £2,000."


2020/21 Contracts


Cyngor Cymuned CERI

 KERRY Community Council


 Mrs Angela Feltham, Bryn Gethin, Tregynon, Newtown, Powys. SY16 3PJ.

Tele. 01686 650747. Email: clerk@kerrycommunitycouncil.gov.uk





Contractors must supply all machinery, tools, materials, fuel and have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover.

(Copy of insurance cover required.)

Contract will be for 12 months, commencing 1st April, 2020:-

Grassed Areas to be Maintained:


  Grassed areas including fenced off Play area.(except Football Pitch)

 Spray around borders and trees etc

 Cut grass every two weeks from April to October with a minimum of 15 cuts


 Cut grass every two weeks from April to October with a minimum of 15 cuts

 Trim and spray around fencing.

 Fenced off play area.

 Grassed area leading up to and along footpath from Herbert Court to Car Park.


Cut grass every two weeks from April to October with a minimum of 15 cuts

Trim and spray as required to keep path clear for walkers.

*Detailed maps available on request.

Quotes or any enquiries to the Council Clerk as above



Please note the extended cutting period.





Contractors must supply all machinery, tools, materials, fuel and have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover.

(Copy of insurance cover required.)

Contract will be for 12 months, commencing 1st April, 2020:-


Grass : To be cut every two weeks from April to October with a minimum of 15 cuts 

               Remove or mulch grass cuttings.

Headstones and Graves: Trim around and blow grass off headstones.

Hedges inside Cemetery: Trim twice a year, remove or mulch cuttings.

Paths and Entrances:       Spray for weeds and moss as necessary.

Two entrances leading into Cemetery: Trim hedges and grass at gateways,

 remove or mulch cuttings. 

Rubbish Bins : To be emptied weekly and rubbish disposed of responsibly .


   Quotes or any enquiries to the Council Clerk as above


     NO LATER THAN 13th. MARCH 2020.

          Please note the extended cutting period.



New Wind Farm Proposal Announced

KCC has received information regarding a new proposed wind farm located at a site called Garn Fach, south of Newtown and west of Dolfor, announced by EDF Renewables.

The proposal is, at this time, at the Public Consultation stage, prior to the submission of a planning application.

Details of the Public Consultation events, to be run in neighbouring villages and communities are provided through the link below.  This includes an event to be run in Dolfor community hall in the morning of 21st January.

/Kerry-CC/UserFiles/Files/PR Garn Fach announcement Jan 2020 FINAL.pdf 

/Kerry-CC/UserFiles/Files/200103 Garn Fach Wind_Posters_LR RGB.pdf 

 Images of the map, and poster below highlight the location and consultation details













Have you renewed your bus pass?


Bus operators have agreed to accept the old style bus passes until the end of February 2020.

If you have not already applied to renew your bus pass you should do so before 31st January 2020 

 These new cards will replace the current green 'bus passes' across Wales. The old-style cards will not be recognised by electronic readers on buses after 31 December 2019. 

With the deadline for the expiry of the current bus passes on the 31 December 2019 fast approaching, don’t delay and apply online today at www.tfw.wales/travelcards or visit your local library or community hub for help. #TfWBusCards

Advice and support with the application process is also available from your local council, Age Cymru and other community organisations. Find out where you can find help in your local area by contacting our help desk at travelcards@tfw.wales or call 0300 303 4240.