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New Announcements

This page is designed to be updated regularly with any new announcements that KCC believe are of interest or importance to the Community.  It will, we hope, reflect corresponding announcements made by the Kerry-Dolfor-Sarn Facebook group, which means that anyone not subscribed to the group, or to Facebook itself, will not be 'left behind'.


Kerry Toilets - Project Underway

Kerry Community Council are pleased to announce that they have received planning approval from Powys County Council for the project to extend and renovate the Public Toilets in the village of Kerry.

The scope of the project is to build an extension to the existing toilets to add a new disabled toilet and baby changing facility, in addition to a full renovation of the existing building to improve the ‘user experience’, as well as aspects of hygiene, security and energy efficiency.

Working with Hughes Architects, we have now prepared a detailed specification of the works, along with the complete building regulations drawings, which can now be made available through the following links:



Invitation to Tender for the works

We are now at the stage of requesting any Building Contractors who are interested in undertaking this exciting project, to contact the Council.

To apply, please contact Cllr. Neil Hayward, on 01686 670829, or neilhayward1@outlook.com.

We are looking to receive all Tenders, with fixed price quotation, and your estimated timelines, by Friday 15th October, and make a selection by the end of October. Project would then commence as soon as possible after that.



Notice of Accounts - available for Public Inspection.

Please read the Notice here for full details and contact the Clerk if you wish to make an appointment to view. Thank you. 


Kerry Community Councils Letter regarding grass cutting: 

Grass Cutting Issues in Kerry Village

I write on behalf Kerry Community Council to express our extreme displeasure at the state of the grass throughout the main street of Kerry alongside the main A489.

*****************, your contracts and Programme Manager, has been extremely helpful in providing us with details of the various types of contracts for the different classes of grass – “highway”, “urban” etc., together with maps of the areas in Kerry for which PCC are responsible for the grass cutting.

We also had a meeting with him in Kerry, on Tuesday 29th June, when we discussed the whole position and set out very clearly our concerns over the standard and frequency of grass cutting and in particular of the so called “Urban grass” adjoining the A489 on the main street.

He was however unable to do anything to allay our concerns and hence this letter to you.

I attach a number of photos showing the state of the grass along the A489 and would highlight a few of our concerns:

· Photo “Kerry from Gilfach Bridge” This shows the grass towards Kerry from the Newtown direction in the 30 MPH area. The grass is 4 foot high here and raises significant safety concerns not only from vehicle visibility but also and perhaps more of a risk in that this grass path is used by many residents as a walkway out of the village onto Gilfach Lane and a circular walk back into the village as a regular exercise route. It is now a clear danger to them and vehicles as they are using the actual road to walk along and not the grass verge. This is particularly frustrating as just the other side of the Gilfach Bridge in the 40 MPH area the verge has been recently cut!!

· Photo –“opposite the village shop”. This is right in the middle of the village and a very clear eyesore. It is on a steep slope- again grass is around 4 foot tall and now also becoming a danger to the public as it is leaning across the path and causing pedestrians to walk very near to the road.

· Photo – “school” This is coming into the village from Sarn direction and again just in the 30 MPH zone and outside the Kerry school. Again the grass is limiting vehicle visibility in this busy school area, added to which the trees are significantly obscuring the 20 MPH flashing sign that operates during school opening and closing times – another potential danger. The main trees that are obscuring the sign appear to be on PCC property and need urgent cutting back.

*********** clarified the number of cuts per year for each type of grass and the “urban” area throughout the 30 MPH zone through Kerry – i.e. the whole of the main road and centre of the village is cut 3 times a year - May, July and September. As a Community Council we are of the very strong view that this is neither sufficient, timely nor indeed to the necessary standard that we would expect.

You will see from the photos that the height of the grass brings into question when the last cut was made and how short was the cut? We also have a further concern, in that we now understand that when it is finally cut again the cut grass will not be removed but left on the ground in situ. Can you just imagine the mess that will be left? particularly opposite the shop in the centre of the village. Also, if it rains, the cut grass will wash down the steep bank onto the path, causing a major hazard for pedestrians.

We, of course, understand the need to balance ecological issues, but Kerry is surrounded by open countryside and the village itself has significant and wide ranging areas to more than offset the impact of another grass cut through the village. We do not accept this as a reason to allow the grass to grow to the current extremely messy, unsightly and hazardous state.

The number of complaints from residents is significant. We fully support their views and look forward to your early response to the issues raised.

Yours sincerely

Kerry Community Council


The response from Powys :

Thank you for the letter and photos. The 3 cuts for urban grass verges has been in place for the past 5 years and it is always a challenge to schedule the 1st and 2nd cuts to coincide with the seasonal weather. This year there has been significant grass growth and thankfully the July cut will take place shortly. As I am sure ****** will have informed you, the 1st and 2nd cuts will resolve any safety issues throughout the village. I am concerned about the visibility of the signs and will ask that the village is inspected following the 2nd cut to ensure these have been fully addressed. The 3rd cut in September will be a full cut of the verge and this is to ensure there will be no future issue with self seeded trees and briers etc. We have recently appointed a Biodiversity Officer who is co-ordinating a number of projects, with one being ‘Local Places for Nature’ and also the funding of a cut and collect mowing machine. If Kerry Community Council have suggestions for any areas to be enhanced with wildflowers, then I can pass this information on. This would involve sowing seeds in certain locations and then having a dedicated management plan which would include the cut and collection of arisings.

If following the imminent 2nd cut, the Community Council feel there is still a safety issue, then please do not hesitate to contact myself or ******

Kind regards






Kerry Toilets Update   

Kerry Community Council (KCC) is pleased to announce that the plans for the renovation of the public toilets in Kerry have been finalised and are now being submitted to Powys County Council for approval.

The plans feature a new extension that will be created to the right hand side of the existing building (as seen from the front), which will house a brand new toilet facility for disabled and wheelchair users. It will also house facilities for baby changing in the same unit.

The entrance to all units of the toilets (male/female/disabled) will be reconfigured and now all be at the front of the building, with the current rear access to the male unit being blocked off to form a consumables storage cupboard which will also house a hot water heater for use at each of the sinks. Finally we will need to make some repairs to the existing roof, barge boards and soffits.

KCC have currently collected funds that are all sourced as grants from: the National Lottery; the Garreg Llwyd Wind Farm fund; and grants to the Council from WYRO (the developers of the new Dolforgan View estate).

This funding will, we believe, be sufficient for the changes described above. Any money left over, plus any further monies that we collect in the future can then be channelled into freshening up the internals of the existing male and female units, for example updating the cubicles, the sanitary ware, installing new plumbing, lighting and heating. The exact extent of these improvements will all depend on how much money we have remaining.

The plan and design that is being submitted to Powys County Council is shown below.





We are hoping that the process of confirmed planning approval will not take too long, allowing us to move forward to Building Regulations drawings, placing tenders for the construction work, and commencing the build project, hopefully commencing in the Autumn of this year.

As with all of these things, it never seems to proceed as quickly as we’d like!

KCC would like to thank all those people in Kerry and the surrounding villages who contributed to our public consultation last August/September – the results of which have given us the guidance to proceed with this project. The council will post regular updates to its website, Facebook site and the Kerry News to keep you updated.

 Covid-19 Guidance

The Welsh Government is issuing weekly bulletins on the coronavirus (COVID-19) which you may find useful.  Please consider signing up to the bulletin so that you can be sure to receive these on a weekly basis. For information, I have attached the bulletin from 24 April.

If you would like to receive the coronavirus bulletin please sign up here.

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You may also be interested to hear that there is now a single place on the Public Health Wales website where all the Easy Read versions of COVID-19 guidance are available.

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